Calabria: a magical land in the heart of the Mediterranean

“The Greeks, a people who had an inordinate opinion of themselves, flattered this region by naming it Magna Grecia … These happy lands, so harmonious and blessed, it is easy to tell it is one of natures favoured works… Sunny hills, harmless, shady woods, rich forests … and such an abundance of vineyards and olive trees, of sheep with an excellent wool, and great necked bulls… an abundance of irrigation and water sources, many seas, so many ports! And Mother Nature herself opens her breast to those who frequent here, almost eager to lend a hand to man, stretching her arms down into the sea… ”

Calabria is a place where different cultures have met, blended and enriched each other. Its coast is the pride of the region, where white beaches lead down to a transparent sea, and where an incredible amount of differing landscapes can be enjoyed. Many people have landed, each with their own cultural baggage, traditions and art.
Over the ages the peoples of the Mediterranean have made this a place of welcome, shelter and protection. The combination of the wonderful landscape, where the mountains rise out of a sea of a thousand shades of blue, and the fact that over the ages it has been dominated by many different peoples and cultures, has made Calabria what it is today, a place with a great historical, artistic and archaeological heritage, waiting to be discovered.

Tourists mainly come here to enjoy the sea. It has a very long coastline, with the Tyrrhenian Sea on one side and the Ionian Sea on the other, both rich in marine life. The fact that this area has very little industrial development and no major cities means that the sea is uncontaminated.
In addition to the well-known tourist destinations and famous coastal resorts such as Tropea, Pizzo, Capo Vaticano, Scilla, Bagnara and Reggio, the inland areas are also rich in art and history, with plenty of historical and naturalistic places to visit.