The restaurant

Dine on the typical flavours of Calabrian cooking

The restaurant, which specializes in fresh fish dishes, offers delicious traditional Mediterranean food. Once a week there is a Calabrian evening where you can taste the local delicacies, and on gala evening fresh fish is served.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant, newly renovated in 2008, elegantly furnished and air conditioned, with background music.
The service is buffet only for breakfast, while for lunch and dinner there is table service; orders are taken the previous day.

Calabrian cuisine

Take pleasure in discovering and tasting all our recipes that come from ancient rituals and customs. Calabrian cuisine is the result of the encounter of different peoples and cultures through the ages. The different dishes, in fact, apart from having the colour and flavour of this rich land, originate from recipes taken from the Bruzies, Romans, Normans, Arabs, Spanish, French, Napoleon and the Sicilians. 
Using the simplest ingredients such as chilli pepper, oregano, basil and fennel, which grow here all year round, and mixing them with the wealth of local produce from the land and sea, these recipes have been handed down through the ages.

Some recipes of the area are:
• fileja (homemade pasta with durum wheat flour; wonderful when blended with the chickpeas, which are used in various ways);
• pitte (homemade bread);
• pasta with aubergines, with broccoli, with squid ink, with fresh ricotta cheese, with beans;
• pasta al forno;
• fried anchovies;
• fish soups;
• octopus salad;
• fish fritters;
• tuna;
• stuffed artichokes;
• pumpkin flowers;
• peppers and potatoes;
• capers;
• crushed olives;
• stuffed figs
… and many more ….

The local olive oil is pure and aromatic, the Ciro wines… wonderful (they were offered as gifts to distinguished guests of the Magna Greece and to the winning athletes of the Olympics), the local liqueurs flavoured with lemon, liquorice, bergamot … the salami, capicollo, the cheeses… cakes with almonds, mostaccioli, nougat …