Serra San Bruno (Monastery)

55 km from the Villaggio Hotel Lido San Giuseppe


Serra San Bruno is a lush valley, rich in history and spirituality. Tall beech and pine forests surround the town. 
The real attraction of Serra San Bruno is the natural beauty that surrounds it. The town is in the middle of the mountains, which are covered in very dense forests. Numerous plant species can be seen here including beech, chestnut and fir trees.

Here you can visit the Monastery of Santo Stefano del Bosco, a monastery founded by Bruno of Cologne in 1090. It was built thanks to the kindness of Count Ruggero of Altavilla, who gave the Holy founder of the Certosa Order the land. The monastery was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1783.
Bruno’s Calvary, the dormitory, the Lake, the church of Santa Maria del Bosco and the surrounding woods are open to the public. The Museum and library are also open (Daily 9am – 1pm and 3pm – 8pm).

Passing through the town of Soriano you can see the ruins of the great, 15th century convent of San Domenico, where the Emperor Charles V stayed and where Tommaso Campanella was buried.
You can buy local handicrafts here: mostaccioli-cakes made of honey nougat, wicker and rattan baskets, wicker chairs, cushions, woodturnings and pottery.