The pearl of the Mediterranean just 12 km from the Village


Tropea, known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”, stands on the Poro promontory.
It is a picturesque town on the “Costa degli Dei” (the coast of the gods), which includes approximately 40 kilometres of the most beautiful coastline in Italy. Three roads and five stone staircases lead you from the cliff top town to its beautiful beaches.


Visiting Tropea means getting to know a culture that is older than many people realize.Archaeological findings of human settlements in this area, such as the caves of Scalea or the graffiti found at Papasidero, go back to the Palaeolithic age.


This town is renowned for its rich variety of architectural styles, from Norman and Arab to Liberty.
Tropea has over 15 churches of historical and religious value. There are many elegant buildings to be found in the old town that, like the churches, date back to 1600’s. There is the cathedral, situated in a dominant position and symbol of the town, the Seat of Nobles and the Convent of the Island of Santa Maria.


Inside the narrow streets the city shows off its beautiful treasures: the courtyards of the houses and the countless handmade portals. The Tropean gastronomy is based on local produce from land and sea and follows the traditions of simple Calabrian cooking. The almond paste from Tropea is well known throughout the area.